The eyes have it!

The Laser Blepharoplasty and Madonna Lift – the eyes have it.

It has been long shown scientifically and psychologically that eyes are the centre of human-human interaction. When people look at each other or even at themselves in a mirror, the eyes are the first aspect of the human face that they focus on.  When the signs of aging strike the eye area and we see this face, our brain immediately perceives that the face looks older without necessarily realising  the intricate details of the eye shadows leading to this perception or how important the eye area is to the overall appearance.

Being the main area of focus in our interpersonal engagement, any signs of tiredness and the aging process, such as crow’s feet, eyelids sagging with excess skin or puffy under eye bags are particularly noticeable and can have a major impact on how we look.  It is amazing how years of aging can be taken off one’s appearance when the eye area is addressed in isolation or as part of a total facial rejuvenation treatment.

Until now the only truly effective way to tackle saggy eyelids or under eye bags was with a surgical procedure to remove excess skin, known as a blepharoplasty. Whilst a blepharoplasty will deliver good results, fear of going under the knife, the downtime associated with surgery and the scarring that would result from stitches has deterred many from resolving their eye issues through surgery.

The Madonna Lift procedure

However, there is now an alternative procedure, pioneered in the UK by award winning Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Ali Ghanem with the innovative Deka SmartXide Punto platform. The Madonna lift is a procedure aimed at addressing the signs of aging in the eye area without surgery. It entails usually one to four sessions of fractional laser resurfacing to the area above the eye brow, upper lid and lower lid.

The skin is numbed using local anaesthetic cream four about half an hour and the entire procedure takes about ten to fifteen minutes to complete with a short down time of about two to four days.

The procedure will lead to immediate improvement in skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles and will tighten the upper and lower eyelid skin and even lead to improvement of the  position of droopy eyebrows.

The Laser Blepharoplasty – the innovative new alternative to the traditional blepharoplasty

When the signs of aging are a little advanced, it is possible to still avoid traditional blepharoplasty surgery. Laser Blepharoplasty procedure uses a CO2 laser to offer all the benefits of the surgical blepharoplasty, without the side effects of having to go under the knife.

Using a CO2 laser, which is already proven and popular for addressing aesthetic issues including skin resurfacing, wrinkles, scars and blemishes, a specialist plastic surgeon can now correct a variety of upper and lower eyelid issues, including:

  • Drooping lower eyelids
  • Under-eye bags
  • Fine wrinkles around the lower eyelids
  • Sagging upper eyelid skin
  • Excess fat in the eyelids


The Laser Blepharoplasty offers a number of benefits over the traditional blepharoplasty. No scalpel is used and there is normally minimum damage to the skin compared to the knife leading to less swelling, bruising or scarring. There will be only about seven to ten days of recovery time is required compared to two to four weeks with a traditional eyelid lift.

The Laser Blepharoplasty procedure

A laser blepharoplasty is usually carried out under local anaesthetic only. A protective shield is placed over the eyeball and the laser is then used to make an incision, remove any excess skin and fat and then cauterise the wound. The laser may then be used to resurface, revitalise and tighten the skin in the eye area.

Some bruising and swelling can occur after a laser blepharoplasty, but this will be far less than that seen in traditional scalpel based procedures and they typically disappear within a few days of treatment. Normal activities can be resumed within about one week of treatment.

The Madonna lift and Laser Blepharosplasty – your more convenient solution for younger looking eyes

So if your eyes are showing signs of aging, no matter how marked we can offer you an effective non surgical solution. The Madonna Lift procedure in mild to moderate cases and a Laser Blepharoplasty for advanced skin aging will give you more youthful and rejuvenated eyes.  Thanks to the benefits associated with this being a laser treatment, the procedure can now be perfumed with added safety, comfort and convenience to achieve a complete and natural looking facial and eye rejuvenation.



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