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Total Face Refresh

The Ghanem Total Face Refresh

Are the signs of aging making you look older than your years?

Your face is your individual trademark. It defines you and gives you your unique identity as a person. It is the focal point of our human interactions and how you express your emotions. It is also the part of your body that can most obviously signify your age.  The aging process can make us look tired and older than our years, and in a world that equates youthful appearance with beauty, vigour and vitality, this can undermine both your own self confidence and the way in which people perceive you.

Understanding how your face ages

In order to achieve a natural looking rejuvenation, it is important to understand what happens to your face as you age. The signs of the aging process can be categorised into three distinct but inter-related areas.


Volume loss has a major impact on facial aging. Bone, muscle, fat, collagen, and elastin are integral components of our skin’s volume and structure and they change throughout our lives.

Typically in our 40s we may begin to notice factors such as the flattening of our cheeks, hollowing under our eyes, deeper lines and the start of sagging at the jawline because it has lost the support of both fat and collagen.


It is on our 50s & 60s that we notice more significant sagging to our skin, especially in the cheeks and jawline. This is caused by lost collagen and elastin,  fat pads starting to diminish, as well as bone in the brow area, cheekbones, and jaw.  This combination of reduced skin elasticity and the loss of volume outlined above, means our skin sags further , creating more significant wrinkles, droopy eyelids, under eye bags, jowls and sagging of the neck


The skin loses its elasticity and it’s radiance. It will show the signs of sun damage, can develop a crepey texture, and can be affected by pigmentation issues such as age spots.

Natural looking Facial Rejuvenation requires a holistic approach

Early signs of aging can be addressed individually with a range of on invasive treatments. However, when signs of aging are more advanced, we need to take a holistic approach as the face ages as one,  dynamic unit, rather than as a group of isolated and independent parts. This includes the deep structures of the face, and underlying tissues  beneath the skin.

Traditional or conventional facelifts carried out in isolation don’t take this into account. They can result in a ‘facelifted’ appearance and they do not always age well.

For truly effective, natural-looking and long lasting results that turn back the clock whilst preserving the essence of ‘you’, we no longer talk just about lifting but also now engage with recontouring, replacing, resurfacing, and regenerating.

That is the premise behind our exclusive Total Face Refresh.

We are uniquely qualified to help

The exclusive Total Face Refresh protocol is built on Mr Ghanem’s unique professional background and experience, which combines skills as an award-winning plastic surgeon, expertise in the latest energy based and injectable cosmetic treatments, and unrivalled authority in the field of regenerative medicine. All this is under-pinned by his cutting edge role as the UK’s first and only Professor of Aesthetic Medicine.

He has earned a reputation as one of the world’s go to specialists in facial rejuvenation, industry accolades and a clientele, including international celebrities and royalty, of people who want to look their best as they age.

There is no one better to help you restore your face to how it was when it first arrived in this beautiful world.

The Ghanem Total Face Refresh – the ultimate facial rejuvenation treatment

Our Total Face Refresh is a pioneering and exclusive combination protocol that addresses all the signs of facial aging concurrently. The Total Face Refresh will:

  • Remove wrinkles and sagging skin from your eye lids, under eye bags, cheeks, jowls and neck.
  • Restore the volume you have lost and give you pleasing facial contours
  • Resurface your skin to remove blemishes and enhance skin texture
  • Regenerate you skin to boost collagen, improve your natural skin elasticity, and enhance radiance


The Total  Face Refresh is available with both surgical and non surgical options. At your consultation we will assess your needs, discuss your preferences and recommend accordingly the treatment protocol that will deliver the most effective and enduring results for you.

The Total Facial Refresh treatment protocol will include:

Lifting, tightening and removal of excess skin
  • Composite facelift
  • Upper eye lid surgery
  • Lower eye lid surgery
  • Forehead/ Brow lift
  • Neck lift


Volume Restoration and contouring:
  • Fat Transfer enriched with your bodies own regenerative growth cells. We offer the option to replace fat transfer with injectable hyaluronic acid fillers


Skin surface enhancement:
  • C02 laser and chemical peel to remove dead skin cells, address pigmentation issues, stimulate collagen growth and restore the skins youthful texture and radiance.

The Total Facial Refresh treatment protocol will achieve excellent results although these will not be as dramatic or long lasting as can be achieved with surgery:

Lifting and skin tightening
  • We will use our expertise in the latest radio frequency and collagen stimulation technologies, to determine, based on your individual needs, the most effective combination of treatment protocols to address your skin laxity and tighten sagging skin.


Volume Restoration and contouring:
  • Fat Transfer enriched with your bodies own regenerative growth cells or alternatively with injectable hyaluronic acid fillers


Skin surface enhancement:
  • C02 laser and chemical peel to remove dead skin cells, address pigmentation issues and restore the skins youthful texture and radiance.
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