At our London practice, we specialise in cellulite treatments.

If you are concerned about lumpy, ‘orange peel’ or ‘cottage cheese’, looking skin on your upper thighs or buttocks, you are not alone. Indeed, most women are affected from the appearance of cellulite on their body at some point in their lives. Although a few extra pounds can make cellulite appear worse, slim built women can also suffer from cellulite appearance. In fact, between 85-98% of the female population suffers from some form of cellulite. This is one of the reasons that cellulite treatments at our London clinic are extremely popular.

Women store fat differently than men, which is why men rarely suffer from cellulite. In other words, woman store fat vertically and men store fat in a criss-cross structure. Therefore, women’s fat cells push through the overlying fibrous connective tissue on their thighs, buttocks and abdomen thus resulting in cellulite.

Whilst the media often claim that special creams, elasticated clothing or specific exercise and massage can stop cellulite, in reality such claims are not backed by medical, clinical evidence.

The Ghanem Clinic offers Cellulite Treatment three treatment options:

  • BodyFX – Non invasive radio-frequency treatments for Grade 1mild cases.
  • CelluTite – Semi-invasive radio-frequency treatment for Grade 2 Moderate cases.
  • Liposuction – A form of surgical procedure where fat is physically removed from the body.

CelluTite by Inmode is an advanced method of liposuction which uses radio-frequency energy to simultaneously tighten skin and permanently remove fat cells. It is thus the main modality that we use for cellulite treatment at our London clinic. Significantly, we are able to achieve these results through a combination of fatty tissue coagulation and aspirating destroyed fat cells. As a result, The sub-dermal heating can target these stubborn areas of cellulite without damaging any surrounding tissue. 

The areas treated with CelluTite will be marked on your body. Small entry points are created, approximately 3mm wide, to enable the probe/cannula from the device to enter under the skin and deliver radiofrequency energy to extract fat cells. These entry points are carefully positioned to be hidden and will heal swiftly following the procedure.

The handpiece consists of the spatula-shaped probe, which is also an aspirating cannula that enters the skin and an electrode placed above it and on the outside of the skin. The cannula will be moved around the fatty layer of cellulite to disrupt the fibrous tissue tethering the fat, whilst the electrode glides the surface on a thin layer of gel applied for easy gliding.

As this is happening our surgeon will also deliver pulsed and continuous waves of radiofrequency energy through the cannula probe in order to achieve the optimum temperature under the skin for the required skin tightening and ft cells melting. The liquefied fat is removed through aspiration using the same cannula.

The procedure takes approximately 1 to 2 hours depending on the size of the area being treated and is performed under local anaesthesia which is injected to the treated area to avoid any discomfort. The process of placing the anaesthesia, which is an infiltration liquid, can be a little uncomfortable for some people. For those who prefer it, or are especially sensitive to pain, CelluTite can also be performed under sedation.

The exact number of treatment sessions required will depend on the size of the area we are treating and whether a combination of CelluTite and BodyFX is required. However, we usually recommend a programme of one CelluTite session, followed by one or two BodyFX treatment sessions spaced one to two weeks apart.

Cellulite reduction is immediately visible and you will be able to see a difference in skin tightness and reduced dimpling in the area, although swelling might temporarily obstruct such visibility. As this procedure stimulates a wound healing response, further tissue tightening will happen over the next 2-4 months, achieving your new sculpted look.

Results are long-lasting and permanent, although this is dependent on lifestyle, maintaining regular exercise and a well-balanced diet in order to avoid future weight gain.

Results are expected to last 2-4 years, and the procedures can be repeated after 12 months.

CelluTite at a Glance


As required


Mild discomfort, sedation optional






2-4 years