BodyFX is a fat reduction and body contouring treatment that is also effective for cellulite reduction. It uses radiofrequency energy, deep-tissue heating, and light vacuum suction to melt fat cells and tighten the skin.

Although the technology can be used for fat reduction anywhere on the body, the most commonly treated body areas are the tummy, hips, thighs, flanks (aka love handles), and back. 

Some providers also offer Mini BodyFX, which can treat smaller fat deposits in areas like the upper arms and under the chin.

The treatment

A BodyFX treatment is relatively quick—10 minutes for each six-by-six-inch treatment area—and doesn’t involve downtime, aside from some short-term redness in the treated area. Before you start, alert your provider to any open wounds, active infections, bruises, or sunburned areas to avoid.

We apply a handpiece that uses negative pressure suction to isolate the fatty tissue. You’ll feel warmth from the radiofrequency energy and a gentle pulling sensation, similar to a deep tissue massage.

Once the tissue is heated, the handpiece delivers controlled energy pulses that kill fat cells. Most patients find the feeling tolerable.

Doctors recommend drinking plenty of water, before and after treatment, to promote healing and help your body metabolize and eliminate the dead fat cells.

Six to eight weekly treatment sessions are recommended for optimal body shaping and cellulite reduction results.

The treatment permanently destroys fat cells, but you’ll need to exercise regularly and stick to a healthy diet to keep up your fat reduction results, since any remaining cells in the area can expand with weight gain. 

Cellulite treatment results are usually temporary, so you may need annual follow-up treatments to maintain them.


You can expect to see results about six months after your last treatment, though some BodyFX patients report noticeable fat reduction after just a few visits.

Skin tightening tends to take longer, since it’s dependent on gradual collagen remodeling.

In clinical trials, the average patient saw a 68% reduction in the appearance of cellulite and a circumferential reduction of 3.58 centimetres in the treated area.

BodyFX at a Glance


6-8 sessions


Topical anaesthetic cream




6 months


12 months for cellulite